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Lynard Skynard in the After Life

I don't usually seek out spirits to talk to rather they find me. But I was drawn to speak with Ronnie Van Zant of Lynard Skynard fame. I asked my friend in spirit Arlene to contact him. She did a bit reluctantly. Ronnie answered me "WHAT?" kind of beligerently and Arlene goes "I warned you!) lol Anyway, we had a brief chat and he warmed up especially when I introduced him to my ex husband, in spirit, who was a big fan of Ronnie's band. More to come on our conversation.

Ronnie Van Zant update 8/18/20 As I mentioned in an earlier post, I sought out the spirit of Ronnie Van Zant. Initially he was belligerent which I understand could be the case. Ronnie prefers his privacy. He felt fans and crazy psychics bothered him and wanted no part of it. I just read tonite his original grave site had been vandalized in June of this year and his remains moved to another location. Perhaps that was the reason Ronnie was not intersted in speaking. He said he was tired of people trying to reach him but agreed to speak with me after I introduced him to my ex husband in spirit. My first husband was a huge fan of Lynard Skynard. We were still kids 18-20 years old and a bar we went to had a band featuring Southern Rock. We were there when they performed "Free Bird" which they did quite well. That's when I was first introduced to the music of Lynard Skynard. My ex husband in spirit was so excited to be introduced to the spirit of Ronnie Van Zant, it took me a while to get the conversation back to discussing Ronnie's passing over and what he learned on the "Other Side" Ronnie became the "softer" thoughtful Ronnie that many people admired. He spoke of the plane crash that killed him Steve Gaines and others. He said he felt nothing after a huge impact and could see himself above the crashed plane with a male presumed to be Steve Gaines and two or three others drifting above the wreck. He showed me this scene and I could see their spirits in a green mist hovering above what was left of the plane. Ronnie said he stayed for a while there watching people being pulled out of the wreck. Ronnie says he saw Jesus come to him asking Ronnie to follow him down a warm sandy beach with gentle waves lapping the shore. Pine trees marked where the beach ended and you could smell their clean scent mixed with the salt water spray. Ronnie admitted he dutifully followed Jesus down this beach which led to the After Life. Ronnie took a long time in learning to let go of the guilt that he had caused the death of five others and himself, by insisting they take that plane and continue to their next destination. Our conversation went on over a day or so. Ronnie spoke of his mischevious past, his many arrests, his drinking and drug bouts. He spoke with my ex-husband in a candid conversation I was able to witness. They both shared a few beers, not necessary in the After Life but enjoyable to them nonetheless! Ronnie said although he loved his music and performing he regretted he could not have it all. He felt badly his first marriage broke up and missed his little girl from that union; he left his second wife a widow, with a small child as well. He loved his girls but admitted he was not there for them as he should have been. Ronnie shared with my ex that he had left the responsibiility of the family and home on his wives when he was on the road and that he had not done his part in the family as husband and father. Lessons learned too late Ronnie said, but that he followed his children's lives best he could from the spirit world. Ronnie said he was not at peace for a long time. It was hard to express how long it took to let go of the responsibility for the death of his band mates and the crew on the ill-fated plane. Ronnie thanked me for reaching out to him and giving him time to express how he felt. Peace finally came for him and he says he is still creating and writing music and meets frequently with other musicians on the Other Side. I left him sipping a beer and playing his guitar and just laughing and joking with others in the spirit world. I think there will be more to come from Ronnie, I am grateful to have met this kind, humble southern boy who shared his music with all of us. Rest in peace Ronnie, God bless and thank you for spending time with me.

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