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Dubbed "That Psychic from Sarasota" by her international clients; Carolan has connected people from the USA, Canada, Vietnam and Brazil with their loved ones in spirit.  Carolan's work proves love knows no bounds! 

Hi Carolan, thank you for an interesting reading last week, I loved hearing from my brother, you're the best!  Lots of Love to you!  Sharon, Minneapolis, MN
"Enjoyed speaking with you on FaceTime Carolan!  Your weather sounds beautiful , Thanks again for the connection with my sister.  So nice to know she is good and for letting her know we miss her. .." Gena, Halifax, Nova Scotia 
"Hi Carolan, thank you for working with me after the death of my husband. You spent extra time with me to help me to understand he is not gone, just with me in spirit.  Thank you.  Barb, Ft Lauderdale
Hi, I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate the reading this morning. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was a pleasant experience. I'm looking forward to doing it again. Thank you !! P., Sarasota
   I have no reservations about recommending Carolan. She is honest, insightful, specific and amazingly accurate. If you choose an in person or phone reading, she is The One to rely on for information you can trust. She has been reliable and incredibly helpful for me and my whole family. She has a true gift!   Retired from Sarasota.
"So happy to meet with you again.  We met you at Sarasota Mystic last year and enjoyed speaking with you.  Plan on making the trip from St Pete down to Sarasota once again this year." Gracie, St Petersburg, FL
"Thank you so much for your reading. Everything you said was absolutely pertinent. It was amazing! I was so glad to know that my mother and sister were in a good place. It also relieved me to know that my mother apologized for her mistakes. Knowing those things helps me to propel forward into a happier and more productive life. Thank you again. You are very talented reader!"  PH, E. Stoudsburg, PA
"Your gift really helps people-it must be wonderful to do that!", MB, Staten Island, NY
"I wanted to tell you thank you for the amazing message you gave me it changed my life and gave me a new direction on what to do next! I've been letting everyone I know know about my reading and there are even people interested in getting in contact with you =). A friend and I plan to take a trip to sarasota to come out to see you as well not sure on the date yet but hopefully soon!" , LC, Cape Coral, FL
"...Thanks for your reading last week Carolan, I enjoyed speaking with you so much.  My father coming in was Huge for me and I want to thank you for that closure..., WS, Staten Island, NY
"Hi Carolan, I wanted to thank you for the reading yesterday.  It was very insightful and hopeful for me.  I am very happy that you gave me that reading.  You are a very, very good reader and very accurate in your readings-"  A.B., Prescott AZ"
Carolan, thank you for bringing in my parents and other family members.  ....I've missed both my parents these last few years and it was great to feel their presence.  I wish you continued best wishes..."   D.B., Ft Myers Beach, FL
Thank you for reading for me last week.It was wonderful experience and I am feeling more at peace now then I have in a long time.  Love ya!"  BR Newburg, NY
" was such an absolute pleasure to meet with you - what an amazing gift  you probably haven't always thought so..." KH, Sarasota, FL
"..My cousins and I had fun meeting with you at the "Crystal Ball Event, last week...I look forward to having a reading with you again soon...," E.S., Sarasota, 
Hello Carolan:  nice meeting up with you in Naples!  ... We enjoyed your talk on connecting with spirits and look forward to speaking with you again soon.
  Marge B. , Naples FL
Thank you so much for the reading!! Carolan was right on with the message received from a close relative of mine..she took the time to gave me an in depth reading & it was like she knew everything about me! She gave me more motivation, confidence, and clarification on my current situation and the next steps in order to move onto the next level of my life & where it is going..I would definitely recommend her to anyone & look forward to the next reading! J.E. Nutley, NJ
I loved the reading! Got emotional. Very insightful. Thank you . You made me a little bit more clearer in life. Thank you!  M.A, Iselin, NJ
"Carolan it was great meeting you at the Mystic Faire  I was happy with my reading with you and look forward to speaking with you again." Rusty, Vamo, FL
"...You picked up on my Grandmothers sister coming through real strong and described her perfectly her personality and her advice to me and even a view of the next 5 years ahead. I even learned the hidden things in my heritage that I often wondered about. I'd recommend you to everyone your the real deal."  A. B.,  Albuquerue, NM
..."a very accurate and in-depth reading.  Carolan took time with explanations - very helpful."  C.P., Covington, GA
"Carolan(medium) carried two spirits with her who turned out to be very significant to me. A large dog showed himself briefly to the "medium". This very large dog is Tremer, who is buried on my property here. And, one special animal, who protected me with his life and his love. She mentioned that there will be a resolution within two years to some prominent issues, concerning the land I live on and share with my sister in California. Thank you, Carolan, for a wonderful reading!" M.T. Red Bluff, CA
"Thanks Carol Ann for the reading ! It gave me alot of hope after hearing what you had to say. It was great to know that my relatives were together and doing well. It was also nice to know that my relatives knew what was going on in my life and some of the things that I had planned to do. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants a reading done !!!", TAD, SKYPE Republic of Vietnam
"Thank you very much for such a great massage followed by a reading!  I was blown away that you got my Mom's personality so well.  I look forward to booking with you again.  MLS, Sarasota, FL
"Hi Carolann:   "It was great speaking with you,   You were right!    Another option presented itself to me that we never thought of it and we are really happy about the change...."  DP, Bradenton, FL
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