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Change is upon you, but not what you expect.

"Protests will be over by the end of summer with little if no effective results in civic or cultural issues. Division among the black community conservatives vs liberals will deepen. The Black conservatives strengthening their power base. No tolerance for the chaotic devastation caused by hate groups on both sides. You will see blacks police their own communities voluntarily to reopen their business and economy. Military strength will be used to sweep out any lingering anarchy across the nation and abroad.

COVID-19 will rage in the younger population from now until the end of 2020 and beyond. There is no true unification on issues such as we saw in the beginning of the civil rights movement. Lack of cohesive and democratic leadership of these lone groups will lead to a collapse. What you are seeing now has nothing to do with the strides made during previous civil unrest. There are no spiritual or philosophical inspiration by brave civic minded leaders as in the past because there is no education, no thought or self-sacrifice.

What is up now will reverse itself so what was down is now up and what was up is now down. Totally part of a pattern of revolution which will bring results, but not the desired results of the darkness. Work in The Light and Stay strong be mindful practicality is what is needed not theory. Preaching love will not solve the lack of kindness. Love in action is what is required, Tend your gardens, your flock, your families and your communities. Remain mindful, lasting change only comes as a result of dedication, hard work and open hearts. "

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