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2023 Predictions - Restarts, Recession, Revolution. Buckle Up!

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Hello everyone! Writing these thoughts down this session instead of live video.

1) Putin out. Seems as if he is either replaced or removed from power this year. Appears Ukraine is not winning this battle, despite all the money being directed to that region. Congressional investigations, CIA exposure and money laundering details all coming out this year. Things that were buried will be uncovered. That seems to be the theme for 2023.

2) On the political home front, not seeing Biden lasting thru the end of 2023. Whether due to illness or impeachment I see him stepping away. Don't look for Harris to fill his shoes or the next in line. Neither of these replacements will be installed. Global fascination with America and her challenges will remain. Like watching a train wreck, painful to watch but the people can't look away.

3) Trump seems to plow ahead. I see him in the forefront and not backing down to either political party. It appears a third political party led by Trump is in the planning stages and will be well received by those Americans disenfranchised by current events. A third political party stronger than Independents is a distinct possibility. If nothing else, it will scare all of Washington D.C. as both GOP and Democrats will experience desertion of their voters.

4) "The Devil is in the Details" atmosphere. People around the globe will feel both fascination and horror with the drama playing out on the American stage this year continuing into 2024. Legal battles, investigations, exposure of hidden information, no rock left unturned. I don't see a breakdown of any branches of the government and no military takeover in sight. Restarts, replacements and revolution are key words this year.

5) Wild Weather continues, deaths, loss of homes and businesses across our country. Shake, rattle and roll. Funding will be diverted from other causes to assist in rebuilding and recovery for all Americans. Councils and local authorities working to rehome people and recover what is lost.

6) Advances in the medical field. New medications for Covid, RSV and flu developing right now. As I mentioned in previous crystal ball readings, heart transplants will be a thing of the past. I don't see med beds per se' but more of a standing unit one walks in and a hand-held device used in medical offices by 2025. Disagreements on treatment plans and vaccines will continue in 2023 but more clarity on the origin and treatment options will be presented. A unified effort to contain viruses will have all countries working together to combat this and protect their citizens. Many details will be released as the result of investigation by the end of 2023, but no firm answer to the most important questions. However, pro and cons of treatment and how the disease spreads will be presented so people can democratically decide their own health care. Resurgence of childhood diseases will require vaccination across the country. Immigration from poorer countries appears to spread those diseases we thought were conquered. Again, a global, unified approach will be developed.

7) RECESSION, up and down, restart, stocks plummet to rise again like a phoenix in 2024. Preparation is the key because the world-wide food shortage will impact Americans by the end of 2023. Milk, eggs, poultry, grain, beef all shortages. Lines, empty grocery store shelves. Plan ahead, put some things away including water. Power outage either by natural disaster or by criminal terrorist activity is rampant the next two years. Death penalty for looters and terrorists will be discussed and some laws enacted on a federal level. Internet down frequently, banks dropped offline, put a little cash away for emergencies. Corn is another item that will be in high demand, vegetable shortages.

8) Rampant crime will continue as will civil unrest in America and across the world as politics and imposing policies will result in a revolution of sorts. In the US, as well as other countries, prominent politicians will disappear. Either by their own hand or leaving the country to evade prosecution. Funds mis-directed will be exposed, criminal activity and corruption splayed across the news fuels anger and hostility. There is a distinct absence of trials and courtroom drama. Justice will be metered out quite differently for those with "eyes to see". People vanish, not to be heard from again or are sent to obscure regions in exile. Again, the death penalty is not going away as a matter of fact, there will be an increase in use of this penalty, but it will not be evident to the masses. The "Spa" or Gitmo will be emptied of all residents currently housed there.

9) Celebrities will not be held in high esteem. More authors, musicians and artists will be spotlighted as well as those whose humanitarian endeavors are noteworthy.

10) The "good" news As the Vatican collapses the original church and its teachings will be exposed. As I have mentioned before, all three major religions will be coordinating and working together. This is about five to ten years out with some improvements and changes beginning in the next two years.

People will seek to be more independent, more Entrepeneur's, artists and writers. Community farming and agriculture will help to eliminate hunger and homelessness. Farmland will return with modest housing in suburban areas. Expansion of urban areas to include additional schools, shelters, home units, medical facilities where there was once ruin and destruction. Funds that were diverted from the intended receivers will be recovered to accomplish this. Colleges will collapse. Universities that incorporate higher learning degrees and vocational skills will be housed together. All skills and levels will be held in high esteem. Primary schools will consist of video conference and in person classes with less brick and mortar and more outreach centers.

Painful growth is on the horizon. Changes do not come easily but are worth the effort. Remarkable results may come from a tumultuous struggle. I see people both men and women, in business attire, grabbing hammers and sandbags and unloading trucks. joining electricians and builders. Healing from all different cultures will be recognized and used by everyday people. Animals will be treated with dignity and respect and care. Abusers disappear, no questions asked. Clinics and kennels will operate 24 hours a day and sanctuaries will be opened with government money, our money for asylum seekers, children, the elderly and animals of all kinds

Failure is not an option. Don't give up on yourself or anyone else. Restart if you need to, try again, try something new. Discover your soul purpose and share it with others. Offer a hand up or a hand-out if need be. Gather your skills and abilities and join the party. God bless and Happy New Year!

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