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Where is Summer Wells?

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

The Summer Wells case has been over the news for the last two years. At the time this little girl went missing, my attention was focused on the Gabby Petito case as Gabby came to me in spirit. Please see posts dated 10/12/21, 10/13/21 and 1/25/22 for those communications. Recently, I joined a group of like-minded people who delve into some criminal cases and share our psychic impressions and insight in the group. This case was chosen as an experiment to see if we could gleam any details that might be useful in solving this mystery.

We were all given a picture of Summer to use as a focal point. No further details provided to us. I started to write down the psychic impressions I received; I am listing them here. Any clues in bold print were received by psychics outside of this group that got clues as I did, or clues gathered from Google maps or family interviews. This information I pass on to is to be considered allegedly and in no way indicates guilt on any party.

Deceased, killed, buried. Male, pickup truck, farm, animals, beets, drug overdosed, wrapped in a blanket or carpet. small cross placed there. National Forest or park land. Ferns, water nearby, watermill or water wheel, bridge. Dragged, scratches on legs, burlap bags, child sneakers, dark with white laces, lying on the ground. Dogs howling.

Harmony For Tranquility. Awesome Australian reader. I have to agree this sounds like a reasonable scenario. It also validates what I had seen in my own visions. The details of which are listed above. Some other readers have listed details such as what I saw in their readings. That helps me to authenticate what I am getting.

I asked my spirit guides to help me in communicating with Summer. My Doorkeeper, Walter, said it was best for my dear friend in spirit, Arlene to speak with Summer. Arlene then showed me an image of both her and Summer sitting on boulders jutting out from the sea. "We are playing mermaids!" said Arlene with her arm wrapped around a smiling Summer Wells. Celestial beings, angels if you will, told me Summer was unable to communicate what happened to her and that there was a reason for that. No child is forced to remember the circumstances of their death if it was not in their best interest. That made sense to me. The only word I got was "Mom", but I don't think Summer was identifying her killer but rather hoping I would pass on to her mom she was okay.

Summer and Arlene soon stood up and turned away from me to leave. Summer gave a backward glance at me and a shy wave, saying, "Bye, Bye."

UPDATE: 5/10/23 Unfortunately, I missed the livestream of the paranormal group and their findings tonight.

Since Summer seems unable to relate what happened to her which is understandable. I was puzzled and I asked my guide Walter to speak with the celestial beings around Summer. A day later, Walter

returned very grim and in a somber mood. All he could tell me was "It's worse than you could ever imagine.

October 4, 2023 I am going to say as of today I must have misinterpreted Walter's explanation. I have outlined in red what I think I misinterpreted.

Summer was brutally murdered after being sold for nefarious activities." The blunt words used to describe what happened to Summer are not part of Walter's vocabulary.

So, suffice it to say I now believe Summer had been pedaled in front of sex rings to pay for the drugs used by Candus and Don. According to public information, CPS, conducted seven investigations into the family which culminated into removal of the three boys after Summer's disappearance. Walter reports to me there is a tri state investigation going on and Summer's parents and possibly her grandmother will be swept up by authorities by the end of 2023. I also get that Summer's remains will be found in a wooded area by accident. The only word Summer had spoken to me was "Mom". Now I believe she was naming the person responsible for her death, not saying goodbye as I thought. Or as referenced in Kellie J's readings: when realizing she was lost did Summer call out for her Mom? A "weird scream" was heard by neighbors although it was discounted by Law Enforcement because they couldn't verify it.

Walter and I both agree we don't believe either of us is cut out for this type of communication, but we have not worked together on a child murder before either. I doubt we will again.

UPDATE: 5/23/23 I feel obligated to update this blog once more. As I reflect back and look over some creator's vlogs on the Summer Wells case, I have to reinterpret the message from Walter.

After reviewing the early press release videos and statements made at that time; it appears that Summer was outside and Candus was inside. Summer was seen walking out the basement door. This may be why law enforcement has concentrated several searches by helicopter, on foot, search dogs, drones all around the property and surrounding area.

Could Summer have wandered off, been grabbed by one of the known registered sex offenders in the area and then sold or killed by them? This scenario feels more likely. I do think Don, Candus and her mother will be picked up for neglect and other charges, but I doubt they have the ability to sell her or to have intentionally killed her. Initially, I thought maybe an accident happened and the family covered it up. With renewing the initial statements about the Amber Alert, I now believe Summer was missing a lot longer than Candus has admitted to. Candus has changed some details in her story and not all the time in question has been accounted for.

Please take a moment and watch this video by "Michelle After Dark" on YouTube: Michelle has done extensive research on this case from the first press conference. I think you will find her work in depth, informative and enlightening. I hope you will join me in continuing prayer that Summer is found and not forgotten.

Update: 5/29/23 Interesting psychic read from "Psychic Readings by Jan" I happened to stumble upon this this psychic's Youtube readings which are quite interesting. Some similar details that I did get match some of what Jan saw in her readings.

Ferns, water nearby, watermill or water wheel, bridge.

Jan's interpretation does sound reasonable, and I have to consider that I am off on my theory of what happened, but I did get some details that are significant.

Update 6/1/2023

I had forgotten about this video by "Michelle After Dark". I do follow her on the Summer Wells case as she goes only by the evidence and what has been released by Law Enforcement, which is not much. I stopped this video at the point where Michelle brings up the "footprints" and what Don Wells said about it. Makes a lot of sense. I forgot to consider the footprints, how they were found and what Law Enforcement said about this evidence. It truly is the only hard evidence found in this case that I know of.

If Summer did wander off and was grabbed on Ben Hill Road, she could have been hurt or killed by that person or they could have sold her. If they killed Summer and disposed of her in a rocky ravine, her body may have been missed. I'm not trying to fit what I got psychically and from my guide Walter, to fit the evidence. Well, I guess I am. I'm trying to make sense of what I got as compared to the facts. I would be wrong then in assuming the parents were involved in this dreadful case. I hope I am wrong about that but why Summer would say "Mom" I don't know. Perhaps just calling out to her from the spirit world to let Mom know she was okay. Mediums and psychics interpret what info we receive, and we can get it wrong.

Kerrie J., "Harmony for Tranquility" Quite fascinating message regarding the Disappearance of Summer Wells. I would prefer this ending than what I received. Let's pray if this is the case, that the man who accidently did this comes forward. It wasn't his fault. Some of the details I received match Kerrie's.

Deceased, killed, buried. Male, pickup truck, farm, animals, beets, drug overdosed, wrapped in a blanket or carpet. small cross placed there. National Forest or park land. Ferns, water nearby, watermill or water wheel, bridge. Dragged, scratches on legs, burlap bags, child sneakers, dark with white laces, lying on the ground. Dogs howling. Additionally, Kerrie did a session on Summer with divining rods which was quite informative. In this video, Kerrie says she felt Summer was at risk for being abducted and if she had not been killed accidently, that may have happened. That theory could explain why some psychics are getting abducted and sold while others are getting an accidental death. I hope and pray Summer is found. I have divining rods as well, I haven't used them in years. I should try them again and see how it goes. For now, I will let this rest and keep Summer Wells in prayer. On June 15, 2023 it will be two years since Summer has been missing.

Update: 6/3/2023. Worse possible outcome, but entirely probable. Start at 17.28 Momma "D" 1111Tarot on YouTube. First time I have seen this creator. Pieces to the puzzle start to fall into place.

Disclaimer: all alleged scenarios as I try to decipher any available information about this case. Thank you for your indulgence and I hope this information was helpful to you. I believe I credited all the sources listed in this blog appropriately. Please join me in prayer for Summer Moon Utah Wells.

Update June 13, 2023

This Thurs, June 15, 2023, Summer will have been missing two years. I have run through some theories and posted some other thoughts thru updates here. Each time I add an update I think it will be the last time. I do have to add this confirmative information. Child Protective Services was due to visit the home and speak with the children. I have to agree with the creator of "True Crime" so I am posting his video here:

I also watched a video which had me climbing the walls trying to get the information out of this interview. "Justin 4 All" Difficult to follow with the continued interruption warning of graphic or triggering information. One warning is enough in my view. I still did not understand why they were so intent on discussing Don Well's previous wife and her relatives' crimes. I even commented where are you going with this? Are you intimating that Don continued his criminal activities regarding children in Tennessee? Okay then I guess it's worth sitting thru this interview. OMG, drove me crazy.

Warning: Triggers contained. Legal document copies are included in this livestream which is helpful because if you try to listen you will go mad with the delays so I skipped through it and read the documents. Sickening.

I found the best content creator on this case is "Michelle After Dark" worth watching. Michelle does incredible research. Michelle did a great series recently outlining all the suspects her followers named and probable scenarios could have happened.

So, where am I now? I'm going to stop doubting the messages I received from Walter, my Doorkeeper and the limited interaction I had with Summer. With the additional study of these two recent videos, I am inclined to believe the messages I received from spirit are correct; i.e.; that Summer was sold for the purpose of child sex trafficking. With Don's background now evident, to me that means Don had the contacts to pull this off. It doesnt mean the parents did this to Summer, to me we don't know whether the parents sold Summer or was she taken to pay for a drug debt or revenge of some kind? I hope and pray Summer is found so she can properly be laid to rest. The information I received was she would be accidently found by the end of this year. Looks like Fall to Winter to me. See my original post at the top of this page.

A recent quote from Sheriff Ronnie Lawson indicated he was planning to do an update on this case very soon. "The Lab"

Thank you if you stayed with me while I performed mental gymnastics on this case. Prayers Summer is found soon.

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