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What's behind The Sound of Freedom?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

I wanted to share some revelations I came to while reading about the "Sound of Freedom" My findings are listed below. In no way am I discouraging anyone from going to see this film or to stop you from paying a ticket forward. I put all my research here on my blog to share with you some things that may help with your own discernment. My question is, are the people that funded this film going to receive the profits to continue their unholy and criminal acts? It's an important question I believe. I would really like to know. Why would all the red-pilled "Truthers" fail to mention the truth?

Reading about the long-awaited film "Sound of Freedom", I happened to come across a video that floored me.



Which then led me to this article:

I t’s important to note that Tim Ballard and O.U.R. were riding high in 2020, with impunity. In the public sphere, they were legitimate, no one questioned their claims and there was not a critic in sight. This was the beginning of the end.

Damion Moore – May 15, 2022


Next, I came across:

Inside the Shadowy Anti–Sex Trafficking Group OUR


Then I found:

Called by God

In 2014, I went on a vigilante raid to “save” kids sold for sex. What we did haunts me now.

The traffickers thought we were Americans.

looking to have a sex party with underage girls.


The Big Lie


Who funded 'Sound of Freedom'?

"Sound of Freedom" was shot in 2018 largely with funding from Mexican investors, according to The New York Times. Its writer and director, Alejandro Monteverde, is from Mexico. The film was originally slated for release by 20th Century Fox, but Disney shelved the project when it acquired the studio in 2019.

"Why did Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton’s Mexican Cartel Partner Carlos Slim Fund Sound of Freedom?

"Sound of Freedom brings to light the horror of human trafficking. However, there is one major question about the film: why did Carlos Slim, a man with connections to Mexican cartels, Hillary Clinton, and Hunter Biden, fund the film?"


Might as well: Looking at Glenn Beck

A Close Look At Glenn Beck’s Nazarene Fund

Concerns over leadership and finances should motivate caution


Disheartening Deception: Angel Studios


Released today! 7/19/23 Blood Money


Update 7/24/23 Doug shares his own testimony. Now maybe you can understand his veracity while investigating "Sound of Freedom" Exposing any lies or coverups in speaking of exploited children truly upsets Doug and he calls it out.


Finally: Where is Tim Ballard now since he left Underground Railroad you may ask. Let me show you:

In conclusion:

For many people exposing the child trafficking industry to America and the world is of the utmost importance. I agree, a very valid point. But I believe the dark money and corruption behind the film's release is a vital component that needs to be exposed as well. Is the "Truth" that despite all the philanthropic wealthy individuals in the "Truther" community, this film's release could only be accomplished using "dirty" money? I have read about and supported this film 's release for the last three years. I had no intention of seeing the film as I was introduced to the horror of human trafficking though my education as a Licensed Massage Therapist. I'm at the age now where I have to spare myself some images as I get physically sickened and I don't need visual images to convince me human trafficking is a reality. I don't discourage anyone from seeing this film I believe it is important for everyone to know about this Unholy Industry. What sickens me even further is the "truther" community. My disappointment in their information has disheartened me for the last few years. I won't get past that anytime soon.

7/20/23 Kerry Cassidy Latest Intel July 19: "The Financing Of Sound Of Freedom & How People Are Waking Up.."

Q "Truthers"

Interesting resources:

Wretched Watchmen - Rumble

Reese Report - Rumble

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