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Visit with Cirsten W., Author, Model, Qanon Pundit

Strangest thing happened recently. I am going about life the other day and I hear and see the word "Singaporean". I was like no way! It has to be Cirsten W. OMG. Now, let me preface this by saying I lost interest in Cirsten and many other "Q" followers and pundits. Cirsten has been very strong with her "intel" that initially appears legit. Coming from a privileged family, Cirsten experienced modeling, Hollywood, The Playboy Mansion and the political arena. I don't doubt Cirsten's experiences both good and bad in those elite circles.

Her support of a few other "Q" influencers that I really didn't trust made me start to question Cirsten's "a little birdie told me." podcasts. I told her this and asked her why she came to me of all people.

Cirsten slyly smirked "Because I hear you are the best." Well, I fall for flattery every time. Both of us had lived in Sarasota and I felt I owed it to Cirsten as neighbor if you will to hear her out. "I didn't really think "it" was that bad. Cirsten continued: "I couldn't catch my breath, I couldn't sit up, nothing I tried was working." According to Cirsten's videos she was on oxygen at home and was trying various alternative health treatments. From news reports, I learned Cirsten had prior travel plans for California and went despite not feeling well. When Cirsten was found practically unconscious; EMS took her to the nearest hospital. Cirsten posted videos of herself while in the hospital calling her illness bacterial pneumonia which factually is a well-documented result of Covid. Cirsten was taken from us shortly after. Cause of Death: Covid. Cirsten's sudden death is not the only one. I have read of 5 or 6 "Q" influencers who passed from Covid. Some influencers have recovered but say they were "poisoned" or experienced attempted "assassinations".

So, our conversation was brief but powerful. Let me sum it up here for you. Cirsten remarked she came to me because she had heard of me on the "Other Side". Cirsten said "I'm sorry" when I reproached her for some fabrications she had made. For someone who is an "influencer" it is irresponsible in my estimation. Cirsten admitted she had fabricated, embellished and had ignored the fact that some of her "intel" distributors were liars and losers because it increased her show ratings. I had already figured that out. Cirsten did apologize for that with the utmost sincerity. I do believe Cirsten was privy to some information kept from the rest of us, but some things Cirsten promoted she knew weren't true or she knew some people she showcased were not who they pretended to be. That's what I called her out on. Cirsten said: "I'm sorry" more than once with complete humility. Heaven does that to you. Talk about a reckoning. Sadly, Cirsten appeared as if she were a young child searching for Santa Claus. My heart really did go out to her. She told me she never believed Covid was deadly. Cirsten truly believed the pandemic to be a sham and that Covid was nothing but a bad cold.

Now in Heaven, Cirsten has learned a great deal about herself and about other people. She had to learn; as we all will I suppose, who is genuine and who is not. Cirsten had always appeared knowledgeable and savvy. To have her approach me and admit her own failings on earth, opened my heart to her. Death does that, Heaven does that. There is no reason to cover up or lie or to pretend we are something we are not. The light of God disperses all shadow. In Heaven, there is nowhere to hide, but then, there is no reason to. Heaven is safe, it is peaceful it is loving. We can drop the nonsense we present to the world and step into who we truly are meant to be.

Cirsten will continue to share her "A little Birdie told me "reports and her observations from the "Other Side" about Heaven, the economic crisis and global conflict we find ourselves in. I always admired the bravado Cirsten displayed her on earth, but this Cirsten is quite different from that. I respect this version of her much more. Cirsten promises to relay the latest fashions, social norms to come and secrets behind the scenes in truth and light. God bless you Cirsten, you are sorely missed.

Thank you for spending time reading this blog. Prayers.

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