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Updated: Nov 13, 2023

I enjoyed a previous introduction to President Eisenhower when he came to me and introduced himself as "Supreme Commander in Chief. Now I realize why he introduced himself that way to me.

Within the last few days, I asked President Eisenhower about his thoughts on UFO's' and instances attributed to him about his contact with ET's. I also asked his opinion about his great granddaughter Laura Magdelene and her claims.

"Ike" spoke of claims of UFO sightings by military personnel that had been brought to his attention during WWII. Ike told me it was Air Force and Navy personnel from 1942-1945 that had reported such sightings. Winston Churchill had heard such stories from RAF pilots as well. Ike later contacted military personnel about the outcome of such instances and was told these instances were still being investigated.

Between the end of WWII and the Korean War more claims by Air Force and civilians were reported. When "Ike" asked for results on the investigation of these claims and prior reports; Ike was informed it was a classified military investigation, and even as Supreme Commander in Chief, Ike was continually diverted from gaining any access to the investigations

When I asked President Eisenhower about stories attributed to him meeting with extra-terrestrials, he replied the stories were not true. The President was continually stonewalled by US military regarding any further information, hence President Eisenhower's farewell speech where he warned of the "Military Industrial Complex". It was and still is President Eisenhower's stance the US military conducted UFO and space craft experiments after learning of similar Nazi aircraft trials during WWII. "Ike" said that was the main reason for "Operation Paper Clip". Eisenhower was never given results of investigations or briefed on any further operations. "Ike" implied the same military and political policy exists to this day. The money for such experiments, operations, investigations and coverups comes from funds diverted from other budgets. "Ike: referred to missing millions being "stolen for projects such as this."

Regarding his great granddaughter Laura, whom "Ike" embraces with great love and affection though they never met. Eisenhower accessed Laura as a child raised very independently and by intelligent and well-connected parents. Her father was British and her mother Susan, an expert on space policy and international security. On her own, Laura did not exceed academically but rather pursued creative and spiritual ideas. ".Laura Eisenhower is a Global Alchemist, Researcher and Medical and Intuitive astrologist. She is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has presented her work word-wide."

Make no mistake, "Ike" holds Laura in fondness and great affection. He does state though that Laura's first-hand knowledge of his own personal or private life comes directly from the Eisenhower Presidential Library. As a great grandparent, President Eisenhower celebrates Laura's intuitiveness and curiosity, but points out Laura is seeking recognition and has created a persona to fill a void for spiritually bereft individuals. He does not share his great granddaughters' opinions or spiritual views and denies any knowledge of her alien contacts. "Doubtful" was his reply.


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