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Touching visit from Amy Winehouse

Updated: May 6, 2022

I sought out this visit with Amy from the spirit world. Ordinarily, my spirit visitors come unsolicited, but I loved the quirky and gritty Amy Winehouse with her soulful voice. I asked for a visit and she came right in. The first words Amy said to me was "I was a junkie." That admission from Amy surprised me since I had read her death was the result of alcohol poisoning. Amy had been found deceased on July 23, 2011, in London. England. Amy had a history of bulimia and substance abuse. While avoiding drugs such as crack and cocaine, Amy had drank heavily prior to her passing. According to the coroner's report Amy's body was already weakened by bulimia and could not handle the amount of alcohol she consumed.

Update May 6, 2022 I just read that Amy's brother Alex, was the source of the theory that Amy died as a result of alcohol poisoning because long term bulimia had weakened her body. According to Alex, Amy had started over-eating and vomiting with friends in high school. "Everyone else grew out of that phase.." said Alex'; "...except Amy." The London coroner listed her COD as alcohol poisoning

Amy did mention her father with she had shared a relationship fraught with arguments although she had always sought his approval. Update May 6, 2020. Reportedly when Amy asked her father if she should go to rehab, he said to more than one person "She didn't need it."

The most astonishing images Amy gave to me was her arrival in Heaven. I asked her how she was welcomed into the spirit world. Amy showed me images of her without her statement "beehive" hair, dressed simply in a white gown, Amy dropped to her knees, crying, before God. Amy said. "He welcomed Me, Amy, the real me". Amy said God encouraged her to drop all her pretenses and to come into His kingdom just as she really was. Overcome by the warmth, love and acceptance, Amy could do nothing more than cry.

Update May 6, I have to add to this by saying I first asked if Amy found herself in front of God, or Jesus. She insisted it was God. I had just wanted to clarify that. I find that validating because Amy's ashes are buried in a Jewish cemetery named; Edgwarebury Cemetery, United Kingdom. Many Christians have told me they have met Jesus while Amy said she fell to her knees before God which would be in line with her religious beliefs.

I am very grateful to Amy for showing these images to me. A tragic life cut short. I am happy to know Amy is at peace in the spirit world now. Amy, you will be missed. Thank you for sharing those images with me.

I have included a video a fan had filmed during the last year of Amy's life in Brasil, 2011. She looks much healthier than in previous performances when it was evident she was abusing drugs. Notice how the audience loves her - all singing "Back to Black" with her. You were clearly loved, Amy, and we all miss you.

Amy Winehouse Brasil, 2011

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