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The Lighthouse

I have always found pictures and poems about lighthouses fascinating. Lighthouses bravely shining their lights among crashing storms and being a beacon for many weathered ships. A lone keeper, manning the beacon to safety. I named my office "The Lighthouse" three years ago and that is where the name for this blog came from. Once in a while I write something interesting or talk about my adventures in spirit. Today, I found this lovely explanation of what a lighthouse truly is.

I post this description while we all seek to find some semblance of order in this chaotic time in our world. I can make no sense of any of it frankly, and it angers and hurts me to see this violence and pain in our beautiful America. This explanation of the role of a lighthouse keeper helped me to realize I cannot fix anything. I can't help those that refuse to help themselves and I cannot rescue anyone. I just have to be. This taught me a valuable lesson and I hope you find it helpful as well. God Bless.

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