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Pets in The Spirit World

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Often, departed pets will come into a reading with your spirit loved ones as they are also family. So many clients will accept contact with their loved ones in spirit quite calmly but when their beloved pet arrives; they shed many tears of relief their pets are well and enjoying the After Life.

Today I had to let my Marley go to spirit. I adopted him three years ago and within a few months discovered Marley had Multiple Myeloma. After a chemotherapy a remission was achieved and we enjoyed about 1-1/2 years of walks and car rides until the cancer reared it's ugly head once more. Another 8 months was granted to us but they were not without illness and weakness for Marley. Finally, for both of us, I had to say goodbye to Marley. Less than a month ago, my little Britney; a cairn terrier, passed from old age. Two beloved pets gone to spirit in less than 30 days. I miss all my pets that have departed. How they touch our hearts!

I take comfort knowing they run free in the spirit world and I may receive a visit from them when my loved ones come thru from Heaven. I hope the following link helps those that have suffered a pet loss.

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