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JFK, Jr appears

Warning: Lengthy and controversial post regarding the recent deaths in the Kennedy family.

Arlene, my friend in spirit, brought JFK Jr to me last week and I have been getting bits and pieces from him. John Jr is quite earnest and persistent in his need to express some truths to me. His Uncle Robert Kennedy's picture also appeared. The purpose of RFK's image (I discovered later) was to indicate the reason for JFK Jr's death. JFK Jr looked at me in all seriousness and told me he had been "duped and tricked".

John tells me the flash in the sky just prior to his crash that was witnessed by a journalist did indeed happen, Subsequently, there was power in the control room, but no power to the control panel so he was unable to fly and maneuver the plane no matter what he did. The fuel valve was said to have been "turned off". It wasn't turned off. It went off with no power going to the panel or was turned off during the recovery investigation.

John says a military issue chip had been inserted in his plane control panel without his knowledge. John also said he was licensed although he always flew with an instructor; one did not show up as scheduled that night. The group waited but finally had to leave. John says the plane recovery, and cremation of the bodies was orchestrated by the military as was the 15 hour delay in search and rescue; and his Uncle Ted really had no choice in the matter. Ted's call to Bill Clinton got the military involved but even Clinton had no control over getting them to search appropriately. John states he and his family; Carolyn and Lauren were dead prior to hitting the water. The precise location was over his mother's Jackie Kennedy Onassis' property. The precise location marked by Lauren's suitcase appearing on the beach in front of his mother's home.

The true details of RFK and JFK JR as well as President JFK's deaths naturally, was never given to the public. JFK JR says it was not uncovering the truth regarding his father's death that made him a target; John states JFK was killed over not backing the Bay of Pigs invasion CIA directed. He knew that truth already. But that combined with the discovery of the gun used to kill his Uncle Bobby made John Jr a marked man. Bobby's son had taken up the cause of uncovering the truth in his father's death (which was Mob and race related) with JFK Jr's help. JFK JR knows that is what got him killed, not his father's assassination truth alone. Although that truth was lethal, it was the truth of who pulled the trigger in RJK's death and some other discoveries that made John Jr a target. He will not tell me who orchestrated the implant of the military issue chip as yet. YET!

John F Kennedy Jr states he was not killed for his political ambitions by Hilary Clinton. Nor does he directly implicate the Bush family in anything directly. John tells me Hilary knew John had only begun to consider politics but he had not accumulated political experience yet. His vision was to empower the public with truth and expose the darkness that has permeated our media culture. John felt journalism was his calling. John had ruminated he would eventually like to "go home to the White House".but that dream did not define his life.

In a prior visit; Arlene brought in JFK, RFK and MLK with Abraham Lincoln. JFK said the four of them were "eliminated" because they were inconvenient to the power hungry aspirations of others. JFK told me he was killed by hired Mossad shooters, RFK was killed not by Sirhan-Sirhan as it appears, but rather by a (security)* officer who shot RJK because of Kennedy's support of black civil rights. Sirhan remains in jail to keep him quiet. JFK, Jr and his young family' s death was orchestrated by someone who obtained a military sensor designed to crash his plane. Hopefully, more to come. Note: *(security) I had police officer that was incorrect)

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