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I delayed the latest crystal ball reading, now I know why.

I think I now know what I was seeing while crystal ball gazing this last month. I did record a video; but was unable after a few tries to upload it. I am going to record a new one thru my website instead

With events rapidly unfolding around the globe. it seemed pointless to mention the images I was seeing but I will put it out anyway. Prayers for Ukraine. I was seeing a lot of subs and navy vessels off both coasts of the USA and around the globe. Incredibly large and fast navy ships pounding through the water. People "queing" up as the Brits say or waiting in lines for everyday items. Explosions and red skies. Not a good feeling about this event as I see about four spots flaring up on a global map. I had seen some of our USA military but not a tremendous amount. I saw several different uniforms or helmets and arm patches. Just a sense of each area with different militaries ensconced there. Asia is one area of tremendous concern, as well as the middle east. Syria in particular.

In addition to taking time to record a new video, I just received a quick unexpected message from someone in spirit. It stopped me in my tracks! "Singaporean" the voice said. I was like, you must be kidding! It was Cirsten W., a Sarasota native and political influencer. Omg. I will post about that conversation soon.

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