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Honoring Mother Earth

Mother's Day usually is the day we round up the family and take Mom out to eat or send cards or deliver flowers. With COVI9 changing how we interact - most of us will not be able to celebrate Mom in the usual way. We can honor her however; and all mothers by being kind to our Earth Mother. We can plant seeds in the yard with our kids, we can clean up the roadsides of trash and be diligent in our recycling of every day packaging. Maybe we can stick a note or card in the mail box of a neighbor who is sheltering alone. Just sending loving energy to all mothers everywhere honors them and let's them know we care whether they are here on earth with us or in spirit. Send a kiss this day or say a prayer of gratitude to Heaven.

Just for today, we can let go our childish disappointments in our Moms. We can allow our Mom's to be imperfect and accept our parents were the vehicles that brought us here. Some parents were more than loving and kind; some far from it. If you meet this day with mixed emotions from past trauma or heart breaks - let if go and focus on the Mother that oversees all. She cares for each one of us; today and everyday.

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