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Historical Individuals Channeled

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

My friend in spirit, Arlene, has been bringing me visions of the spirit world. She kept bringing Abraham Lincoln to me. I was reluctant to write about what I received from him as so many have channeled President Lincoln before me. Arlene and Walter were thrilled to meet with him! Arlene said President Lincoln's hands were so HUGE as he grasped both of hers in his. Mr. Lincoln said it is true he is with JFK RFK and MLK. He went on to share the four of them were "eliminated" because of their views on freedom for all men. They work in spirit together. The last vision I saw of Mr. Lincoln was of him walking away with his arm around his wife's waist and their children beside them. What an honor to hear this on this day Nov 22 the anniversary of the assassination of JFK.

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