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Gabby visited me.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Yes, she did; about two weeks ago. I told her to go away. I really didn't want to hear from who I thought was a spoiled, dumb, little girl and I felt her parents (you would think one of the two sets she has) should have reeled her in. My guide, Walter, insisted I speak with her so I finally did.

I said ok, what? Gabby told me things weren't quite like what I was thinking so I relented and tried to listen with an open mind. I remembered how dumb and naive I had been in relationships at an older age than Gabby. So, anyway, I listened. Gabby made it short; she told me Brian "buried" her. He hit her in the head with a metal object in his hand. The blow caused what she called "a cerebral bleed" and she died fairly quickly. Gabby also said Brian "stole" from her. She repeated that statement three times.

A day after the visit from Gabby, the news broke that a federal warrant had been issued for Brian Laundrie for unauthorized credit card use. Gabby told me a grandmother and angels came for her and brought her to a beautiful healing room on the Other Side. Gabby told me Brian was still alive at that time. That was two weeks ago. I don't believe anything has been found about his location or condition at this date. I apologized to Gabby for not wanting to speak with her initially.

Twice I asked Gabby why she didn't call her father. I'm sure either her Dad or her step Dad would have gone wherever she was and flew her home. I don't think she wanted to involve her parents and I don't think she wanted to admit she had made a mistake with Brian. I do think she was starting to realize he wasn't who she thought he was. I personally think she was too immature and naive to be living with a boyfriend and his family out of state and then taking a cross-country trip alone with him. I feel her parents. both sets; dropped the ball on her relationship with this guy. Some may say that is harsh but I struggled with my daughter's early twenties and hard-headness as a single Mom. Gabby had TWO sets of parents. I think they were too involved in their own lives to pay attention. Well, I just wanted to state this. I know every psychic in the world is commenting on this case and I really didn't want to be another one. I didn't seek Gabby's presence, she came to me. I felt I owed it to her to relay what she told me. God bless you Gabby. Fly with the angels dear one.

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