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COVID-19 Why is God silent?

Recently, I had the occasion to listen to a woman ask why God would allow so many to die from COV-19 with no end in sight. Listening to her, I was reminded that I, too, once thought that way. Why would God allow so much evil and chaos to reign? It took many years of spiritual studies and self-searching to come to a place as a metaphysician to understand God and the spiritual laws.

As humans in our imperfect knowledge; we blame a God we cannot see for what is happening on earth. We do not seek Him out, usually, we only blame when things are going drastically wrong. I have to laugh at myself and my thoughts back then when my knowledge and understanding was only based in the parts of religious studies I thought applied. As a "cafeteria Catholic" I took what I felt was truth and discarded the rest. I had no understanding of Universal or Spiritual Laws and just how each law related to each other. All of the spiritual laws work in tangent with the laws of Earth. Many times I still shake my head thinking how on earth did we get to this point? What is wrong with people?"

I need to ask myself :What is wrong with us?" It's not just "them" it's all of us together, collectively creating and causing chaos, confusion, distrust and hatred. As humans and caretakers of this planet Earth; we need to accept that we created the "Perfect Storm" for this dreaded virus to spread, multiply and kill. "We" have to accept the responsibility of creating disaster and learn to turn to God for solace and comfort and yes, Mercy.

Why is God silent you may ask. Indeed, God is silent as He waits for us to recognize our own mess and ask for his help. God cannot move among us unless we call upon Him. God will not snap his fingers and make the disaster we created go away. We need to own it and call upon Him for the strength to act.

How is our fault? For decades or longer, we have ignored the horrific "dog meat farms' in Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Indonesia. It is a despicable industry which we have no right to support or benefit from. Yet except for a few brave souls, we are silent. In the "wet markets" of Southeast Asia the virus leapt from an infected animal into the human specifies from eating "diseased animal meat" Now, you may ask what makes eating beef any different from eating a dog or cat? Well, for one thing, cats and dogs are companion animals. Not designed for consumption. Beef and dairy cows are designed to provide, whether we choose to use them for that purpose is a good argument and warrants further discussion and soul searching. For now, let's stick to the companion animal trade - which is unlawful yet, we look the other way. Hence, our fault and without giving a yay or a nay we give consent. Time to own up. But perhaps we are so embarrassed by our own horrendous behavior towards animals bred for food we keep our mouths shut. Another situation we created.

Can we move away from our concern with our own rights, our own safety and take it upon ourselves to look out for each other? Can we acknowledge that is our responsibility as spiritual warriors, as caretakers and stewards of our planet to do what needs to be done? Can we listen to God when he calls upon us to make great change in our lives? Can we pull strength from the abilities within us and use them for the greater good? Can we make a difference in our behavior, in our concern for others, in our communities? When will we learn that service to others is what God asks of us? Can we meet the challenge together? Let us ask God for comfort and solace in our losses, let us find the gifts within us that will illuminate the darkness for others. We need to reach the truth that it is our own free will that creates chaos and it is only God's love that can transform darkness into light.

Will we be humble enough to ask God to give us strength to do what we can to save the lives of others? It is a tough call, Yet, it is time for another "Greatest Generation". Are we up for it?

I believe we can do this, together.

"My brethren, my beloveds, I will walk with you and when the changes come, ask for my presence to comfort you, ask for God’s Love to strengthen you, ask that God open your eyes and show you what you must do and where you must go."

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