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Blessings from The Lighthouse!

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog - I hope you will find messages from spirit enlightening and comforting to you. A message I received this morning, Labor Day 2019, I post here for you. "...revel in your achievements dear loved one! This is the day to reflect on all that you have accomplished in your career and your passionate pursuits. "Work" for all of us lightworkers and light seekers is not just those things we are paid for but those moments we bless others. Your service to your family, community and country do not go unnoticed dear ones! Service and stewardship are the hallmarks of a compassionate society. Every little gift from your spirit to others not only blesses the receiver but the giver (YOU!) as well. Don't be hesitant in sharing a smile, a kind word, or some small gift to those in need. These things are the "work" of all of us on planet Earth. The impact of such gifts to someone in need is immeasurable and benefits all of us. Thank you for all you have done to assist those around you. Use this day to re-energize your soul, receive your blessings from God today, bask in the light from the Heavens. Shine on, bright spirit!..." Spirit Guide Rose channelled

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Thank you Carolan for your invite. Your words are inspirational. Blessings from U.K. x


Beautiful message; thank you for this message of love and light!

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