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As we celebrate the day Christ was born...

Today is the day around the world we celebrate the birth of Jesus, The Christ. The light surrounding Jesus and his teachings is spoke of so often, I wonder if we have forgotten the sincere meaning of his guiding light. a channeling from Rose.

"One cannot speak of light, peace, harmony or love without drawing upon the lessons our Master has brought to us. It is also true; we cannot speak of these gifts and remain stone-hearted, cruel, or unforgiving. This is the time of year we are to turn to each other for guidance and fellowship. We are to lend a hand to those in need, include the lonely and those forgotten. If your Christmas is not the joyous day you had hoped for - ask yourself - why did I not share myself with others this day of all days? For that is the way of our Lord. It is not possible to celebrate Christ's birth and resurrection without remembering to extend a hand and deliver love from our hearts. If you were forgotten on this day did you extend a Christmas blessing to someone else who was also alone today? If your heart is hard with resentment - did you build a bridge to someone estranged from you? Have you called upon the sick or needy today? If not, this is where your loneliness stems from. We have many gifts given to us by our Father and their uses taught to us by Jesus, The Lord. Forget not - to love one another. That is the only gift that will be remembered long after the sun has gone down on this day. Many blessings to you my dears.....Rose"

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