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Validation of information from the spirit of Gabby Petito

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Gabby Petito visited me from the spirit world, totally unsolicited on my part right after her passing. She shared a few details with me that I shared in a previous blog. Today, I just learned more details from the FBI release of further information on her case. Gabby had shared with me that she suffered a blow to her head with a metal object yielded by Brian. Other details were that Brian had stolen from her and she was quite upset about that. Perhaps that's what the final argument was about. I had not had validation of a Cause of Death, but the FBI officially released the cause as: "blunt force trauma to the head and neck with manual strangulation. I'm glad I received the confirmation of what Gabby shared with me. I am so sorry this happened to you, Gabby. Thank you for coming to me and trusting me with these details. God bless and fly high in Heaven!

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