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Save The Children

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Update March 11 2022 I have to retrace my steps on this topic. I no longer support the information telling us there are children in tunnels. I have researched and found no credible evidence at this time. Children, women and perhaps men as well are trafficked in broad daylight on our Southern Border. This we know and have seen. There is a link on government military websites stating the child trafficking is funded and routed out by our government military and special forces. We know several veterans groups and of course Tim Ballard, the most well-know ex-military has bravely saved hundreds of children. As far as D U M B S go, I have to draw the line, I have found nothing credible to support that theory. I leave the post as written for your perusal but I no longer believe this is the case. I am not saying it isn't happening in the USA or around the world; child trafficking is widespread, but as far as our military blowing up tunnels I can't verify that.

The time has come, finally, to expose what has been happening to women, girls and boys across the world for many years. It is a horrifying and unfathomable evil the details of which are being released to the public mainstream now. I hope you will take this moment to read the article referenced here and join all of us lightworkers, spiritual warriors and healers in a global exposure of these crimes and prayers for humanity.

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