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"J6: A True Timeline"

'J6: A True Timeline gives the audience a never-before-seen timestamped blueprint for the events of January 6, 2021, as they unfolded in real time. No other film to date fills the gaps or tells the story chronologically the way this film does. The film is also different from anything produced to date because a small group of protestors, some who are J6 defendants, have been the ones to collect hours of footage to help contextualize the events of the day. The film was funded and produced entirely through small donations and tens of thousands of volunteer man hours. The hope is that the film will provoke all Americans to be more curious about the true timeline of January 6.

The Creator and Producer for the documentary is AJ Fischer of InvestigateJ6. AJ is a J6 defendant who knows more than most about what transpired on the West side of the Capitol; circumstances that led to the declared riot and Capitol building entry. In January 2023, Fischer began to make the film a reality. He lined up funding for the project and hired professional producer Jason Rink to help. Rink is the Executive Producer for the project. Paul Escandon is both director and editor.'

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