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Final conclusion: Summer Wells

Thank "Michelle After Dark" for your continued investigation of this case. Without you, we would all be crazy with various theories. I have gone thru many theories myself and have posted different readers' take on this case. I had gotten a few clues during an experimental reading with a group of like-minded individuals. Here is what I picked up during reading May 6, 2022

(Deceased, killed, buried. Male, pickup truck, farm, animals, beets, drug overdosed, wrapped in a blanket or carpet. small cross placed there. National Forest or park land. Ferns, water nearby, watermill or water wheel, bridge. Dragged, scratches on legs, burlap bags, child sneakers, dark with white laces, lying on the ground. Dogs howling.)

A few months later I did a mediumship reading with Summer, my spirit friend Arlene and Doorkeeper Walter. See May 6th, 2023, Blog Post

After all my many updates, mental gymnastics and months of self-doubt, I have to agree that it appears the live style and actions of Summer's parents have led to the horrific abduction of Summer Wells. Although the parents may not know the exact details, they know WHY Summer is missing.

With the intelligent reasoning of Michelle Lowe, I feel that finally, I can believe in the information I received through psychic impressions and my mediumship reading to be correct. I'm sorry I doubted you, Walter!

In my September 2023 "Crystal Ball Reading" (see blog post) I felt Summer's remains would be found "accidentally". That could also mean as a result of a investigations completely unrelated to this case. It feels accidental or surprising. I pray she is found soon.

If you are interested in "True Crime" cases, please check out "Michelle After Dark" and "Michelle Walks" for Michelle Lowes' expertise in pulling apart clues and details in high profile cases. Thank you, Michelle!

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